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There’s ‘Ample Probable Cause to Charge Trump,’ Says Former Officer Michael Fanon, Who Was Attacked by Trump Supporters at the Capitol

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Former officer Michael Fanon, who was viciously attacked by Trump fans at the Capitol, claims that the rule of law ought to mean something.

Michael Fanon, a former Washington, D.C., police officer, stated on Saturday that there is “ample probable cause” to accuse Donald Trump of crimes committed during the uprising last year.

In an interview with Jim Acosta on CNN, he asserted that the rule of law must have significance.

“I’ll be honest: I don’t have the highest of hopes” that Trump will be charged, he added.

On January 6, 2021, Trump supporters broke into the U.S. Capitol and brutally attacked Fanon. He received much electroshock from stun guns, had at least one heart attack, was severely attacked with metal poles, dragged downstairs, and sprayed with bear mace.

Late last year, after receiving months of treatment for his physical and psychological wounds, he announced his resignation.

As per Yahoo, Fanon, a one-time Trump supporter, believes there may be a plan to harm the former president politically without subjecting him to an “ugly” trial, including by US Attorney General Merrick Garland.

“But I don’t think that’s enough. It’s not enough for me,” he told Acosta. “And I don’t think it’s enough for most Americans who want … to return to the rule of law.”

He added: “My understanding of that is that no one in America is above the rule of law. If there is probable cause to suggest that [Trump] committed these crimes — I think we’ve seen ample probable cause — he should be arrested. The case should be put before a grand jury and if they indict him, he should be tried.”

View his interview in the video below:

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